The Independents, Potbelly, Virgin’s Thorn-The Show

Another fabulous punker show at “Wally’s House Of Booze” last Friday night as a couple of long time bands from out of town stop by for some great punkedness.

Opening the festivities was Wenatchee’s own “Virgin’s Thorn”

DSC05338 (1)

The band was formed in 2010 and apparently had broken up sometime ago but decided to put it back together again, at least for this one more show. I am in hopes that they will continue on as a band.

The following video was the second song of their 30 minute set.

Second up was “Potbelly”.

DSC05369 (1)

This four piece is from Oak Harbor and  was formed in 1995. They have been at Wally’s a few times in the past but this was my first time seeing them. They did an “in your face” 45 minute set of punk goodness.

The headliners for the evening was “The Independents”

DSC05376 (1)

This four piece from South Caroline was formed in 1992 by front man, lead vocalist Evil Presly and guitarist Willy B. They were in Wenatchee in the middle of their “Into The Night” tour in support of their latest CD of the same name that was released in March of this year.

The band has put out numerous CD’s and constantly tour. This was their second time to “Wally’s House Of Booze”  and I hope it’s not their last.

Their set consisted of old favorites along with a selection of new material. The following video is of one of their older tunes “Insane”.  As you can see by the crowd, it was a punking good time.

I had hoped to video more of the show but my camera decided to have issues half way through the show… be it.

It was another great show, thanks again to Wally’s, Snatchee Records and all the bands. Until next time, go to a show… know you want to.

American Dischord, New Iron Front-The Show

A quiet Friday night when all of a sudden, three bands from three different towns on three different touring schedules all collided at “Wally’s House Of Booze” for a colossal night of rock and roll punkedness.

First to play, from Spokane, was “Bullets Or Balloons”….

DSC05271 (1)

….a very unique and extremely tight trio featuring Chris Henderson on guitar and vocals, Cory Mason Phipps on “side ways facing” drums and on amazing bass was Aaron Anderberg. This guys bass playing skills still has me in awe.  After this show they were headed back to Spokane for a Saturday night appearance.

The following video of “Shuffle” is off of their latest EP.

Second up was “American Dischord”  (AMDX)….

DSC05286 (1)

….another trio yet with more punk overtones. From Kansas City, MO the band consists of (according to their facebook page) Tyler Temple on guitar and vocals, T.J. Warren (the cd cover lists Steven) on drums and vocals and Dalton Elliott (the cd cover lists Shamley) on bass and vocals.

Formed in 2012 on “Splatterhouse Records”, they did a very high energy 45 minute set and after wards they were headed to Olympia for a Saturday night performance.

The following is a video to which I know not the name. If you know what it is, please let me know.

Ending the night was some good ol’ Spud Punk, “New Iron Front” up from Boise Idaho.


This five piece, formed in the fall of 2012, consists of James on bass and vocals, Coby on guitar and vocals, Clark on other guitar and vocals, Josh on drum and front man on lead vocals “Squeezer”. These guys are what street punk is all about, fast and in your face. Their 60 minute set just zipped by as they covered numerous amounts of material and the band as a whole was very entertaining to watch plus they had the best merchandise deals T-shirts and cd’s $5 each (and mine was an XXL).

They too were headed to another show as they were to play Portland Saturday night.

The following is “Homeward Bound”  my favorite tune of the band.

All in all another fabulous night of punkedness provided by “Snatchee Records” and “Wally’s House Of Booze” and all for only $5.

Come on people, go to a show, you know you want to. Until Friday, when “The Independents” arrive from South Carolina and are joined by “Potbelly” and “Virgin Thorn”, only at “Wally’s”.

Bass Line Bums-The Show

DSC05246 (1)

Usually Tuesday nights are a bit slow but not at “Wally’s House Of Booze” as “Bass Line Bums” stopped by to do a mid-week show.

“Bass Line Bums, formed in 2005, are from Austin, TX and have been on the road for a few months with a few more months to go. Usually, the band is a four piece with Joseph on guitar and vocals, Marc on guitar and vocals, Chris on Bass and vocals and Justin on drums. This night however, they were a three piece as I was told by Joseph that their drummer  messed up his shoulder so guitarist Marc took over the drumming duties until the drummer heals.

They’ve release one full length cd “Gettin’ By” and just released an EP “All Right”. They started their fast paced set with “Juke Box” of off “Gettin’ By”.


Followed by “Turn It Up” off the new EP.



Mid way through they did a cover tribute section to Buddy and Ritchie.



They ended their set with their rendition of “Shout” with Marc singing and playing bass while Chris took over the drums. You really had to be there to appreciate the performance.



“Bass Line Bums” is a band worth checking out. They’ve been through town twice and with as much fun as they and the crowd had, I truly expect that they will be back.

Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party, PETS-The Show

Take five people, make three bands, use one drummer and all be from Sacramento and you’ve got “Kepi Ghoulie”, “Dog Party” and “PETS”.

Friday night fresh into town from Montana the groups stopped by “Wally’s House Of Booze” on their way to Seattle. They had an open night, and a Friday night at that, so they stopped by to play a little music.

The busiest person for the evening was “Lucy”…..


….you’ll find out why by the end of the article.

With no locals playing, “PETS” started the night.


“PETS”, formed in 2003, is Allison Jones on guitar and vocals and Derek Fieth on bass and vocals. Usually they’re a duet but on tour they used back up performers Lucy Giles on drums and vocals, Gwendolyn Giles on tambourine and vocals and Kepi Ghoulie on percussion

They started their set with “Dumpster Diving” which is off of their latest cd “Get Turned On” and ended with “Maniac Head”. Their live sound is a bit different than their recorded sound as on the recordings they tend to use more effects where live the sound is much more raw rock and roll. Both ways sound good.



Next up was “Dog Party”.


Formed in 2007, “Dog Party” is made up of sisters Gwendolyn (guitar and vocals) and Lucy (drums and vocals) Giles. What’s more amazing is Gwendolyn is 18 while Lucy is only 16. They had to wait for school summer vacation before they could start this tour.

They played many songs off of their latest cd “Lost Control” including the following “The World Is Not A Game”.



I’d been wanting to see them live ever since I got their cd last year. They did not disappoint.

Then the man of the hour “Kepi Ghoulie”.

DSC05177 (1)

Kepi’s been doing this for some 30 years and has played with numerous people. Tonights band featured, Kepi on vocals and bass, Derek and Allison from “PETS” on percussion and balloons, and from “Dog Party”, Gwendolyn on guitar and vocals and, once again on drums and vocals, Lucy Giles. She uses the same kit, just changes the bass head.

He started the show with favorites “Hey Kepi Let’s Go” into “Let’s Do It Again” and out came the balloons…..



…..did a couple acoustical numbers…..



….and did a few that I wasn’t familiar with.



For me this was one of my favorite shows. I got to see an old favorite for a second time, got to see one I’ve been wanting to see for the first time then got to see a new one I wasn’t familiar with but now I am and their a new favorite (and thanks for the beer Derek).

I was a bit surprise to the low turn out but I appreciate that Kepi performed as though there were thousands in attendance.

I got a chance to talk with Kepi prier to the show and was glad to meet a friendly, down to earth guy who truly loves what he does and is a genuine person. I for one appreciate him taking a chance on our little venue and giving us one hell of a good time show. I surely hope he will return someday.

As for Kepi, he and “Dog Party” are off to Europe on Wednesday. Hope they have one killer of a great time.



The Koffin Kats-The Show


What better way to end a 3-day weekend than with a show, and what a show. “Snatchee Records” along with “Wally’s House Of Booze”, brought to us, all the way from the motor city, current kings of psychobilly, “The Koffin Kats” and joining them, also from Detroit was the return of “Against The Grain”. Opening the show were local favorites “Not All There” and “Panic Bomb”.

The show started at precisely 9:00 PM (a first I believe……good job) with “Not All There”….


….but they were short a guitar player,  something about not being able to find a sitter (all rock stars are only human). They carried on as a three piece but had a little help from their friends as Nate, viola player for “Jipsea Party”, joined in on a song as did “Panic Bomb’s” keyboardist Cowboy Dan did on another tune as seen in the following video.

“Panic Bomb” was next….

DSC04959 (1)

…and did most of their 30 minute set as a four piece except for the following “Pity Party” which is usually just Tiff, as the other guys take a potty break (or something), but here “Cowboy Dan” plays a little back up harp along with her.

Third up was hard rockin’ “Against The Grain”….

DSC04975 (1)

….who did a 45 minute set. They’ve headlined here before but this time around they were in support mode. The four piece utilizes a 6 string bassist who doesn’t use a pick……awesome.

Fourthly, “The Koffin Kats” from Detroit.

DSC05005 (1)

The three piece, founded in 2003 with 7 albums to their credit, consists of Vic Victor on excellent lead vocals, upright bass and occasional guitar, Eric “E Ball” Walls on drums and “new guy” Johnny Kay on guitar, vocals and occasional upright bass. Johnny replaces the retired Ian and did an outstanding job. He’s a good fit to the band.

They played many a song during their 90 minute set starting with “How It Starts / Nostrovia”…

….and doing some of their old classic’s such as “Chaos”….

….and some stuff off of the new album such as “Giving Blood” which during the song Vic does some great “avoid the mic in the mouth” moves….

….added an interesting cover from Hall And Oats, “Maneater”….

….did my favorite song “The Way Of The Road”….

….and ended the evening with a three song encore including “Darker Place”

“The Koffin Kats” continue their tour heading north to Canada for a couple of shows then down the west coast before starting on their 2 month European tour on June 23 in Finland.

The triple header at Wally’s over the weekend was great, but “The Koffin Kats” show was outstanding! Awesome way to end a three day weekend. The crowd was in a good partyin’ mood, the band truly enjoyed themselves and at a $5 cover all I can ask is, if you weren’t there….why not?

Many thanks to “Snatchee Records”, “Wally’s House Of Booze” and “Ando” for bringing such high quality bands into our little town and thanks to “Brittni” for delivering my drinks so I wouldn’t lose my videoing spot (she’s the best).

Wally’s, where the magic happens…..go to a show, you know you want to.

The Atom Age-The Show

DSC04890 (1)

A Sunday night a Wally’s House Of Booze. The nights entertainment included, opening from Wenatchee, “Panic Bomb” then from Belfair, complete with blood bus, “The Deleted” then from Oakland California, finishing up their 3-day northwest tour “The Atom Age”.

The show got off to a late start as a member of “Panic Bomb” was a tad late. “Panic Bomb” continues to evolve as they are now a four piece with guitar, bass, drums and now keys.

Second up was to be “The Deleted” but “The Atom Age asked to go on second as it was already getting late and once done, they weren’t staying in town but heading back to Oakland. The band features, Ryan Perras on guitar and vocals, Peter Niven also on guitar and vocals, Fred Brott on bass, Brendan Frye on sax and John Murgueitio on drums. Ryan was having a bit of a rough night. Just as they started, he apparently broke a string so he grabbed his back up guitar and continued. Shortly after that something happened to the back up guitar so he finished the set after borrowing Drew’s guitar from “Panic Bomb”.


The third song of the night, one of my favorites and also when guitar number two for Ryan gave up the ghost, “I Hypnotize”.



I don’t know the name of the following video but you will see Ryan is on guitar “number 3″ which lasted him the rest of the evening.



Together since 2009, they have released two albums and an EP and they covered much material this evening during their 40 minute set. The bands is very energetic as the following video’s will show. They ended the evening with another favorite “Baby Says”.



Last up was then “The Deleted” but alas, it was pushing midnight, I get up at 4:00 AM for work plus I had seen “The Deleted” last November when they played Wally’s opening for “Neutralboy” and “Payoff”, so I called it a night.

As usual, a good time was had. The crowd may have been small, but they were energetic and they got to see a great touring band for just $5.

Until next time, go to a show……you know you want to.

May Show Time…….Wally’s Style



Wally’s House Of Booze along with Snatchee records are at it again with a totally kick butt month FULL of shows.


Starting the month on Saturday May 3rd from Bremerton is the return of “Potbelly” along with local openers “Rich And Rare Rebels” and “The F-Bombs”


The first night of a weekend double header, Friday May 9th, if you were a punker back in the early 90’s you know these guys, from Ponoma CA “Total Chaos” and opening will be local favorites “Not All There” and “Rich And Rare Rebels”.


The second night of the double header, on Saturday May 10th, is “The Virgin Thorn” as they are having a CD release party. Also on the bill from Seattle is the return of “The West” and from Bremerton “The Wyrdos” (was this the band that was here before with the “naked” guitarist?) Come find out.




The following weekend, even though it’s on a Sunday May 18th, from Oakland CA is “The Atom Age” and opening will be, from Belfair, the return of “The Deleted”.





Memorial weekend they have a triple header starting on Friday the 23rd with “Power Skeleton”, “KLAW” and “Crawler”


On Saturday May 24th from Seattle is “Omega Moo” along with “Bad Habit” from Yakima and locals “The F-bombs”.





Then on Monday the 26th the SHOW OF THE YEAR, from Detroit the best of psychobilly “The Koffin Kats”!!! Opening , also from Detroit, is “Against The Grain” and local openers will be “Not All There” and “Panic Bomb!”







With all these great bands playing locally, there’s no reason not to go to a show. You know you want to. All shows are 21+ with just a $5 cover…such a deal.



Sub note: June is already starting to look very good show wise as well. Wally’s….where the magic happens.