April Shows Of Interest


All shows are in Seattle unless otherwise indicated.

4-3 Kick butt rock time as “Blacklist Union” plays “El Corazon” tickets $8

4-4 At “Wally’s House Of Booze” here in Wenatchee glam rockers “The Prophets Of Addiction” stop by for a pre-tour show 21+ cover $5

4-8 Grunge time as “Stone Temple Pilots” are at “The Paramount” tickets $51.75

4-9 “Voltaire” stops by “El Corazon” for a unique evening tickets $13

4-9 In Spokane at “The Big Dipper” are “The Real McKenzies” tickets $12

4-10 Or catch “The Real McKenzies” at “El Corazon” as they open for “D.R.I.” tickets a bit more at $15

4-10 “Highline” is hosting this years “Ska-Fest” tickets $15

4-10 “Random Orbits” are at “The Kraken” 21+ tickets $5

4-11 “El Corazon” presents “Strung Out” with “Masked Intruders” tickets $18

4-11 “The Prophets Of Addiction” are playing “Louie G’s Pizza” in Fife.

4-13 “Mushroomhead” takes on “El Corazon” tickets $20

4-14 Or catch “Mushroomhead” in Spokane at “The Palomino Club” where it’s 21+ and tickets are $22

4-16 “Peelander Z” are at “El Corazon” 21+ tickets $12

4-17 Seattle’s “Bad Koala” visits “Wally’s House Of Booze” along with Yakima’s “Bad Habit” 21+ cover $5

4-17 At “The High Dive” is “The West” tickets $12

4-18 Looking forward to seeing “Psycho 78″ with “Omega Moo” at “Wally’s House Of Booze” 21+ cover $5

4-18 “The Kraken” is hosting “Nixon’s The One” 21+ tickets $5

4-21 “Richie Ramone” is at “El Corazon” 21+ tickets $13

4-23 Punker legend “Agent Orange” is at “The Pin” in Spokane tickets $13

4-24 Still at “The Pin” it’s “Moral Crux” tickets $7

4-24 In Seattle at the “Highline” will be “Bad Tats” 21+ tickets $7

4-24 Or go to “Wally’s House Of Booze” in Wenatchee and catch from Boston “OC45″ with Tacoma’s “Ten Pole Drunk” 21+ cover $5

4-25 From the past it’s “Orgy” playing at “The Palomino Club” in Spokane 21+ tickets $16

4-25 “Wally’s House Of Booze” has from San Diego “Western Setting” 21+ cover $5

4-25 At the “Highline” punker legend “Agent Orange” along with “The Boss Martians” 21+ tickets 15

4-27 “Volbeat” and “Anthrax” are at “The Spokane Arena” in, well Spokane tickets $47.50

4-28 “Orgy” is in Seattle at “El Corazon tickets $17

4-29 “Volbeat” and “Anthrax” are in Seattle at the ‘WAMU’ tickets $50

4-30 And for something a bit different there’s “Richard Cheese And Lounge Against The Machine” at “The Showbox” tickets $42.50-$113.00 (ouch)

Go to a show. You know you want to.

Snatchee Records and Wally’s House Of Booze PRESENTS: “Angie-Department-Rich”


This Friday the 20th come to “Wally’s House Of Booze” to see “Angie And The Car Wrecks” as they are said to be playing their LAST SHOW EVER!

Also on the bill are none other than rocker icons “Dept. Of Martyrs” from Ephrata

Opening the festivities are local guys “Rich And Rare Rebels”

Music to start 9:30ish, 21+ and just a $5 cover.

Go to a show. You know you want to.

March Shows Of Interest


All shows are in Seattle unless otherwise indicated.

3-1 Starting in Spokane at “The Big Dipper” is “Guttermouth” tickets $12

3-3 “The Young Evils” are at “The Tractor Tavern” 21+ tickets $15

3-6 For something a bit different, “Little Ozzy” hits “El Corazon” 21+ tickets $10

3-7 as an opener for “The Dreaming” is “Die So Fluid” doing a lounge show at “El Corazon” 21+ tickets $10

3-7 Same night over at “The Kraken” are Seattle locals “The Hollowpoints” and “The Piniellas” 21+ tickets just $5

3-10 Another lounge show at “El Corazon” as “Survay Say’s!” takes the stage tickets $8

3-12 Old guy time as “Pat Travers” stops by “Studio 7″ 21+ tickets $25

3-13 A total blast from the past “The Flammin’ Groovies” are at “The Tractor Tavern” 21+ tickets $24.25

3-14 At “The Showbox” is “MxPx” tickets $27.50

3-20 “Studio 7″ presents “Anvil” for your listening pleasure tickets $13

3-20 Over at “Tim’s Tavern” is “Suburban Vermin” tickets $6

3-21 “American Pinup” is doing a lounge show at “El Corazon” 21+ tickets just $8

3-24 Old school legends “Bad Religion” are at the “Showbox Sodo” tickets $35

3-24 For a calmer evening check out “Ok Go” at “The Neptune” tickets $29.25 (I like their video’s)

3-25 Punker time at “Tim’s Tavern” as California punkers “United Defiance” and “The Evicted” come to Seattle 21+ cover just $5

3-25 Catch some “Metalachi” at “The Big Dipper” in Spokane tickets $10

3-26 “Thunderpussy” takes on “The Tractor Tavern” 21+ tickets $13.50

3-27 Or if you’d rather catch “Metalachi” on the west side you can at “El Corazon” but it’s 21+ and tickets are a bit more at $12

3-28 A quin-tental show at “Wally’s House Of Booze” in Wenatchee featuring “Fox And The Law”, “Battleme”, “Ninjas With Syringes”, “The Brass” and “Not All There” 21+ $5 cover

Go to a show…..you know you want to.

Snatchee Records and Wally’s House Of Booze PRESENTS:


This Friday the 13th, coming from Bremerton, is none other than punker icons “Neutralboy”

Along with “Neutralboy”, also from Bremerton is “Bill And His Six String”

Opening for the evenings festivities are local guys “TUSK”

Music is to start at the usual 9:30ish 21+ with a $5 cover.

February Shows Of Interest


All shows are in Seattle unless otherwise indicated.

2-6 Start the month at “El Corazon” with “The Dickies” plus “Dreadful Children” and “The Crap”. This should be a killer of a show. Tickets $13

2-6 Same night over at “The Mix” are “Load Levelers” along with “Piston Ready” 21+ tickets $8

2-7 Snatchee’s own “Rogues Gallery” (formerly Jipsea Party) are playing at “The Summit At Snoqualimie”. Joining them will be “Cowboy Dan” and “Chaotic Noise Marching Corps” 21+ and it’s a FREE show.

2-12 At “The Highline” is “The Generators” with “Rum Rebellion”, “Dreadful Children” and “Wolfhammer 3″, now that’s a line up. 21+ tickets $7

2-13 Old guy time as “Billy Idol” plays “The Paramont” tickets $44-$74

2-14 Valentines Day with the pirate metal sounds of “Alestorm” at “El Corazon” tickets $18

2-20 “Load Levelers” are playing again this time at “Darrell’s Tavern” 21+ tickets……”cheap”

2-21 Next night at “Darrell’s Tavern” is “Suburban Vermin” 21+ tickets TBA

2-21 “El Corazon” presents “Reagan Youth” along with “13 Scars” and “Potbelly” tickets $10

2-21 “The Grizzled Mighty” at playing at “Neumo’s” tickets $12

2-21 AT “The Charleston” in Bremerton it’s the 7th annual “Punkapalooblah!” featuring “Neutralboy”, “Ten Pole Drunk”, “Decapitate The Disciples”, “The Assasinators”, “The Gerbil Turds”, “FCON”, “Raw Dogs”, “Rain City Rebels”, “Misuse Of Power”, “Shot On Site”, “Mugly” and “Oh The Humanity” all for just $10. Such a deal.

2-24 “Enuff Z’Nuff” along with “The Profits Of Addiction” are at “El Corazon” 21+ tickets $13

2-27 Just in at “Wally’s House Of Booze” will be “On The Ground”, “Generation Decline” and “Not All There” 21+ and I’m guessin’ $5

2-28 “Guttermouth” is at “The Highline” 21+ tickets $12

Until next time…..go to a show, you know you want to.

Shows Of 2014

wallys (1)

Another year of shows has come and gone. This year was close to last year. In 2013 I saw 35 bands at 13 shows while this year I saw 36 bands at 14 shows. The big difference being that in 2013 those shows were spread over eight different venues in six different towns. This year they were all at one venue in one town, “Wally’s House Of Booze”, where the magic happens, here in Wenatchee WA.

Andy of “Snatchee Records” is the driving force behind the shows held at “Wally’s” and it’s a good combo. I was really impressed this last year with all the touring bands that came through. There were returning touring bands that I had seen before such as “D.C. Fallout” from L.A…..

…..and “Rum Rebellion” from Portland…..

…..and there were returning bands that I hadn’t seen before such as “The Independents” from South Carolina…..

…..and “Against The Grain” from Detroit.

There were “new” touring bands that I saw such as “Calabrese” from Phoenix, AZ (who are returning in a few weeks)…..

…..”The Atom Age” from Oakland, CA…..

…..”Bass Line Bums” (twice) from Austin, TX…..

…..”American Dischord” from Kansas City, MO…..

…..and “New Iron Front” out of Boise, ID.

For me, there were two heavy hitters that came through “Wally’s”. From Detroit “The Koffin Kats”…..

…..and legend “Kepi Ghoulie” from Sacramento who brought along “Dog Party” and “PETS”.

And a major touring band that came through (but I missed =/) was “Old Man Markley”.

There were numerous Washington bands stopping by that I saw such as “Dept. Of Martyr’s”, “Prophets Of Addiction”, “Omega Moo”…..

…..”Poke Da Squid”, “Potbelly”, “Zero Down”…..

….. “The West”, “Angie And The Carwrecks”, “The Grizzled Mighty”…..

“Raw Dogs”, “Bad Habit”, and my favorite “Circle Twerks”.

And I saw the local favorite opening bands of “Not All There”, Panic Bomb!”, “Virgin Thorn”, “Rich And Rare Rebels”, “TUSK” and “Jipsea Party”.

All in all a great year plus I didn’t have to travel. Excited to see what 2015 with “Andy”, “Snatchee Records” and “Wally’s House Of Booze” has to bring. Rumors has it there’s something special coming this summer.

Go to a show…..you know you want to.

Circle Twerks-The Show

DSC05488 (1)

Take some “Miley Cyrus” and a good quantity of “Katy Perry” and “Taylor Swift”, add just a tad of “Ke$ha”, “Rihanna” and “The Ting Tings” plus a smidgen of “Meghan Trainor”, mix in four guys from Bremerton and you’ve got the “Circle Twerks”.

DSC05502 (1)

The “Circle Twerks” are Joe on lead vocals / guitar, Todd on bass, Art on awesome guitar / vocals and Pat on drums. Their specialty is to take popular songs from the above mentioned artist (and some others) and cover the tunes in a punker fashion. For me, it was the first time that I really enjoyed these songs.

Billed as an opener, these guys actually headlined and they brought the house down. Starting with “Bremerton Hills” then “Charli XCX’s”, “Boom Clap”

Then they added a little bit of “Meghan Trainor’s” “All About The Bass” into the mix.

They had to do some “Taylor Swift” such as “Never Getting Back Together”

Then a couple from my favorite girl (she’s a guilty pleasure) “Katy Perry” including “Last Friday Night”

One of my most favorite songs of the evening (“Circle Twerks” version) was “The Ting Tings”, “That’s Not My Name” and as Joe demonstrates, it’s a great song for band introductions.

And of course they did a selection of songs from Miss Twerker herself “Miley Cyrus” including “Party In The USA”

These guys did an amazing amount of material during their 75 minute set. I’ve got to say that for me, this was one of the best shows / bands that I’ve seen all year. I’m a big fan of punk cover bands and “Circle Twerks” did deliver. It was also apparent, by the size of the crowd that showed up for these guys, that I am not alone in my thinking. I can’t wait for these guys to come back to “Wally’s House Of Booze.”

And a bonus for me, I was wanting a t-shirt but the lady (the blonde lady dancing around in many of the video’s) informed me that they only had two left, a small and a XXL…..my size! So if you see a guy walking around Wenatchee with a “Circle Twerks” t-shirt….that would be me, sweet.

Go to a show….preferably at “Wally’s”…..you know you want to.