Teenage Bottlerocket/The Queers-The Show

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In a rush, we got off work and headed over the pass in order to get over it before it closed for blasting. We were successful, actually being the first in line to see “Teenage Bottlerocket”, “The Queers” and “The Copyrights” at El Corazon in Seattle on the corner of Denny Way and I-5.

Opening for the show was “Smokejumper”.

DSC04176 (1)

This four piece from Seattle did a 30 minute set and also stated that this was their last show.

Opening with the touring guys was “The Copyrights”.


This four piece from Carbondale, IL was formed in 2002. The current line up consists of  Adam Fletcher on bass and lead vocals, Brett Hunter on guitar and vocals, Jeff Funburg on guitar and vocals and Luke McNeil on drums. The band currently has released five albums and did a 30 minute set doing numerous songs. When you do your songs back to back and each one is roughly two minutes in length, you can cover a lot of material including “Two Left Feet” as the opening song.

And somewhere during the set they did “Sleepwalker”.

Next up were “The Queers”

DSC04218 (1)

This three piece was formed by lead man Joe Queer back in 1982. Touring with him this time around was drummer Lurch Nobody and rookie Chris Fields on bass and vocals. “The Queers” have released 11 albums over the years and they did a 45 minute set stuffed with material and like “The Copyrights”, when your average song is two minutes long and you do them back to back, you can cover a whole bunch of material.

They did a cover of  “The Beach Boys”, “Don’t Back Down” followed by a favorite of mine “Punk Rock Girls”

They also played the old favorite “Born To Do Dishes” (F-bomb alert)

Plus I got to meet “Joe Queer” while he was working his own merchandise booth and he’s an old guy like me…..only at a punk show.

DSC04240 (1)

Headlining this night was “Teenage Bottlerocket” from Wyoming…..punk from Wyoming…..who’d a thunk?

DSC04244 (1)

This four piece started with brothers Ray Carlisle-Vocals, Guitar and Brandon Carlisle-Drums. In 2004 they were joined by Kody Templeman-Vocals, Guitar and Miguel Chen-Bass. This line up, currently with “Fat Wreck Chords”, have released 4 albums.

After this short 20 day tour with “The Queers”, “Teenage Bottlerocket”  head out for the month of November to Europe where they will be the opener for “Volbeat”

They did a 60 minute set starting the night with “Headbanger” from their latest LP “Freak Out”.

Also on the set list was “Necrcomicon” and two of my favorites back to back “Cruising For Chicks” and “Skate Or Die”

They ended the evening with “Bigger Than Kiss”.

During their set they had numerous stage divers / crowd surfers.

DSC04283 (1)

The cute girls doing it were fine….the chunky dude wasn’t….’til the crowd dropped him….now that was fun.

It was a good show, for Ian it was his first time seeing all the bands, something he’s been wanting do and wasn’t disappointed. As for me, it was my third time seeing “Teenage Bottlerocket” and “The Queers” but first time for “The Copyrights”. All the bands kicked butt.

Until the next show.


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