Neutralboy, Payoff, The Deleted-The Show

“Wally’s House Of Booze” where the magic happens……especially on a Sunday night.

This triple header show became a quadruple header when the guitarist/vocalist of “Neutralboy” was joined by the drummer of “Payoff”  for some duet-tual punkedness while the opening act was unloading. Once unloaded, “The Deleted” from Belfair started their punkiness.

DSC04423 (1)

The four piece (can’t find any name info) did a 45 minute set of punkness and were well recieved by the crowd. They also have a killer tour bus. Following are a few clips of their set with “Drunk’n Cowboy” and one of which I don’t know the name.

Second up from L.A. and in the midst of their west coast tour stopping by “Wally’s” in between their Seattle and Bremerton gigs was “Payoff”.

DSC04452 (1)

“Payoff” is a four piece featuring Jen Razavi on guitar and vocals, Mike Lodevico also on guitar and vocals and wearing an awesome t-shirt, got one myself (R.I.P. Tony Sly), Neil Wayne on bass and vocals and Josh Lewis on drums. The band was formed in 2012 and they have released one EP.  The band seemed to be intrigued with the partiness of our little town, especially on a Sunday night. I think they enjoyed their evening and I expect they may come back. They started their 30 minute set with “Throwing Stones”

Half way through the set they  did what is now a favorite but I still don’t know the name of it.

Then the headliner “Neutralboy”

DSC04469 (1)

From Bremerton and around for some 20 years, this was my first time to see them live even though they have been through Wenatchee many times. They do love to party. Sorry I don’t know their names or the names of their songs but they do put on a good show. If you weren’t at Wally’s Sunday night….why not? Here’s a couple of video’s from the show.

Once again another great show at Wally’s and only $5.  “Neutraboy” will be back again soon as I’m sure will be “The Deleted”. Hopefully “Payoff” will stop by the next time they’re in our neck of the woods.

Go to a show….you know you want to.


2 thoughts on “Neutralboy, Payoff, The Deleted-The Show

  1. Neutralboy’s first song: “Boys in Bad Hair.” 2nd song “Blue Lipped and White Eyed.” Mike The Pike Frottage on guits and vox, Dirty Ray on drums. Not sure who the bassist is they have now.

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