Twas A Good Year For Shows

It was a good year show wise.  Saw some 35 bands at 13 shows at 8 venues in 6 towns and a bunch of them were local.

Started with some horror punk with “Wednesday 13”, “Cold Blue Rebels”, “Calabrese” (remember that name) and “Stript” at Studio Seven in Seattle….

Then “Rebel Spell” up in Cashmere at The Pioneer House……

“Hard Money Saints” and “Angie and The Car Wrecks” at The Clearwater in East Wenatchee…..

Psychobilly in Moses Lake as Sick Boy Productions brought in “The Rocketz”…..

Saw some swing as “Cherry Poppin’ Daddies” played Ephrata for the Basin Summer Sounds…..

Caught the Dirtnap Showcase at The Highline in Seattle as the record company brought 10 of their bands in for an anniversary show including “Mean Jeans”,  “Sonic Avenue”, “White Wires” and “Marked Men”…..

Also caught a great example of old punker and new punker as “The Queers” and “Teenage Bottlerocket”  teamed up for a tour…..

And caught a whole bunch of shows locally including “Bad Tats”, “Young Evils”, “Rum Rebellion” and “D.C. Fallout”  along with local talent “Not All There”, “Panic Bomb” and “Rich And Rare Rebels” just to name a few at Wally’s House Of Booze (where the magic happens).

It was a decent year and I can’t wait to see who I’ll see next year. Go to a show….you know you want to.

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