Wally’s……Where The Magic Happens


A few days ago I wrote an blog commenting about the live shows I’d been to over the past year. Some of the venues were old favorites, others were new to me this year such as Wenatchee’s own  “Wally’s House Of Booze”.

Up until August, I was a “Wally’s” virgin. What got me into “Wally’s” was the bands. “Wally’s” is a small  D.I.Y. venue, I’d guesstimate a capacity of 70 for a show, there is no stage just move the pool tables out of the way, set up a small P.A. usually provided by “Snatchee Records”, charge a modest amount, usually just a $5 cover and start the music around 9:30ish.

Another aspect I like about “Wally’s” is “Wally’s” itself. I like the atmosphere and the people. The patrons are varied, from mohawks to cocktail dresses, young and old (I classify as old), the bar keeps are always friendly and they sure know how to make a drink, door guys are always welcoming and one thing I truly like are the band people. Being a small place they often interact  with the crowd, run their own merchandise booth and are genuinely glad that you showed up to the show and maybe bought a CD or a t-shirt in the process.

Andy, the guy behind a lot of the bookings, has brought in all kinds of genres of bands and I like the punker-rocker types.

My first show was “Bad Tats” opening for “Moral Crux”.  I was going to go to Seattle to catch “Bad Tats” then I heard they were playing “Wally’s” so here I stayed in town, thanks Andy!

Then there was the ten year reunion show of “Wayward Youth” performing in front of a very enthusiastic crowd.

“Young Evils” came by doing an awesome encore.

And on this particular 3 show week end which started with “Young Evils” on a Friday, “Rum Rebellion” finished it up  on a Sunday.

There were traveling bands (appearing on different shows), from Los Angeles, CA,  “Payoff” and “D.C. Fallout”

Another thing I like about “Wally’s” is that it gives the local bands, such as “Rich And Rare Rebels”, “Not All There” and “Panic Bomb”, a place to play.

Through out the year, not only were there local bands and bands from the Seattle area but “Wally’s” had touring bands from Detroit, Southern California, Alaska and Texas just to name a few areas.

I’m looking forward to 2014 to see what “Wally’s”, “Snatchee Records” and Andy have in store for me music wise……should be good. Oh and while at “Wally’s” have a brat or the chicken strips….yum!

Go to a show…..you know you want to!


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