Dept. Of Martyr’s, The West-The Show

Friday night was show time once again at “Wally’s House Of Booze”. Opening the show was locals “Rich And Rare Rebels” followed by “The West” then the headliner “Dept. Of Martyr’s”.

DSC04710 (1)

“Dept. Of Martyr’s” were formed in Ephrata WA back in 2007. They are a four piece consisting of front man and lead vocalist James X  with Jeff Jenkins on guitar, both are also in “Moral Crux”, Alan Ferris, back from the dead, on bass and Brian Reese on drums. They did a 75 minute set covering vase amounts of material including the following.

Within their set they did do a few covers including an awesome rendition of “The Dickies” cover of “The Moody Blues” song “Nights In White Satin”.

My favorite moment of the night was when “Dept. Of Martyr’s” did another cover “Cherry Bomb!” but with a guest vocalist Tiffany of “Panic Bomb!” who just happen to be in the crowd and was asked to sing it. Of course she said yes.

The visiting opener was “The West” out of Seattle.

DSC04679 (1)

This five piece formed in 2010 consists of co-founder Anthony Darnell on vocals, guitar and keys, Adrienne Clark on keys and vocals,
Reed Griffin on guitar, Jon Swihart on bass and vocals and co-founder Bob Husak on drums. They are a dance band and when they started playing, it took me back to 80’s new wave.  They started their 30 minute set with “Slightest Touch”.

And the following was my favorite song from them yet I don’t know the name. The drumming took me back to my band days when we actually did a cover of “Shake Yer Bootie” and my drummer used the exact same beat of high hat / snare.

“The West” was a little different of a genre then what usually plays at “Wally’s”but that’s what makes “Wally’s” fun, sometimes you just don’t know what you’re gonna get but with “The West”, you got superior musicians who do what they do very well and plus there’s a hot red head in the band who also worked the merchandise booth where I bought their CD “In Low Light” and got a picture (I always tend to look a bit goofy in pic’s) Thanks also to Tiffany for being on hand to take it.

DSC04699 (2)

Opening the whole show was “Rich And Rare Rebels”.

DSC04663 (1)

This five piece punker band  from Wenatchee consists of Aki Disaster vocals, 2 Buck Chuck bass / vocals, Eric Southpaw guitar,  Keefer Tomchick  other guitar / vocals and they introduced a new drummer but I didn’t catch his name, sorry dude. They’ve been around since 2012 and did a 60 minute set.

This was yet another fine event put on by” Snatchee Records”, “Wally’s” and of course “Ando”. If you weren’t there….why not?


Until next time


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