February Shows Of Interest


All shows, and there aren’t many (kind of a slack month), are in Seattle unless otherwise indicated.

2-1 At The Northwest Casino in Spokane it’s old guy time with “Styx” tickets $70-$90….geez! They played Wenatchee at the Town Toyota Center a couple of years ago.

2-1 At Barboza is “The Young Evils” for a much more reasonable $8.  They played Wally’s  just a few months ago.

CANCELED 2-6 At El Corazon in the lounge is “Neo Geo” tickets $10 CANCELED

2-6 And on the same night in the “main” room at El Corazon is “The Menzingers” with “Off With Their Heads” tickets $13.

2-8 Playing The Sunset is “Atomic Bride” tickets $8

2-8 Playing the same night at The 2-Bit Saloon is “The Atom Age”  21+ tickets just $5

2-13 “The Mad Caddies” are at Chop Suey tickets $15

2-14  Still at Chop Suey the next night is “TacocaT” 21+ tickets $5

2-14 Showbox At The Market presence “The Presidents Of The United Staes Of America” tickets $34.50

2-19 More old guy time as “Sting” is at Key Arena tickets $40-$250 (ouch)

2-20 Back at The 2-Bit Saloon is a Wally alumni “Rum Rebellion” 21+ tickets $5

That’s it for now, maybe more next month.



One thought on “February Shows Of Interest

  1. $90 for Styx? I’ll grant you they put on a good show, but $90, along with the ability to cough up more money at the slots could make for an expensive evening…….

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